Students Learn ‘Dlow Shuffle’ In Class

Fans aren’t just learning the “Dlow Shuffle” in the streets and the club. They are also learning the dance in the classroom.

Footage surfaced of students viewing footage of Dlow’s tutorial for the popular dance. The footage the class was viewing currently has over 1 million views on YouTube and counting.

The new dance has caught on fast, grasping the attention of Steve Harvey and Fox 32’s Good Day Chicago.

Dlow told Harvey he would have never guessed his dance would go viral.

“I was just sitting in the house one day and just decided to do something,” he said. “It’ a blessing to see everybody doing it…all the kids doing it, schools, churches, everybody…it’s just amazing.”

Dlow went on to explain the meaning behind his name and the keys to learning the dance.

“Dlow means determined, loyal, optimistic and willing to learn,” he said. “That’s the key to the dance. The other key is the moves.”

Dlow and Lil Kemo joined the crew at Fox 32’s Good Day Chicago to teach the dance.

Dlow and Lil Kemo, self-professed “Bop Kings,” spoke with Fox’s Melody Mendez and Jake Hamilton about the growing popularity of the dance.

Dlow said “bopping” propelled him to choreography the “Dlow Shuffle.”

Kemo told viewers one can hit their own moves with the shuffle and to just let the beat and lyrics of a song guide them.

“Basically the dance is catchy only when you listen to the beat and lyrics, so you body move with beat and the lyrics of the words,” Kemo said.

Dlow called the instant popularity of his dance and song a “blessing from God.”

The Bop Kings went on to teach Mendez, Hamilton and viewers the dance.

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