Tadoe & Keke Palmer Address Alleged Sex Tape Scandal

An old sex tape appears to have come back to bite Tadoe in the butt.

A social media firestorm erupted Friday after explicit footage resurfaced online of the Glo Gang rapper engaged in a sex act with a mystery woman.

But an unknown culprit got the rumor mill going after alleging the mystery woman to be Keke Palmer.

Tadoe took to Twitter to refute the allegations.

“Mann y’all frontn y’all move dat ain’t No damn KE KE n dat old ass video!” he wrote.

Palmer learned of the rumor and worked fervently to clear her name in a series of tweets.

“This is the perfect bullying example.. I have black hair, so now I’m a girl in a random video with black hair?

“Now I’m the subject to be attacked because I’m known and successful? You people can be so simple,” she wrote.

Palmer went on to refer to Tadoe as a fan, citing a photo the two previously took.

“I am a victim because I took a picture with a fan? Should I just not take pictures with fans that have less than positive connotations?” she wrote.

Tadoe previously posted a photo to IG of himself with the “CrazySexyCool” star, with a caption, reading, “In da crib koolin wit my lil homie @kekepalmer.”

Palmer continued her rant in several more posts:

“Everything that I have done to empower, not only a generation of young women but men too, can be ignored because of someone’s hatred.

“I have never in my life seen so clearly how quickly hatred can be spread. Just from a fan photo..Wow.

“You can spread lies but know who you spreading lies about.

“People don’t deserve that, I’m living my life like you, but it’s okay to swarm my mentions with distasteful comments.

“There is no win, people are not allowed to defend themselves these days, but are questioned when they don’t try.

“When I was a little kid I could atleast fight somebody for lying on me lol! I’m a grown woman now, so I’ll just forgive you.

“A million females in the world with black hair, but it’s Keke Palmer. Talk about REACHING. The weave is not even real hair #stopit.

“Always laugh it off. Enjoy your Friday everyone!!” she wrote.

Tadoe isn’t the only Glo Gang rapper to have a sex tape floating around the net.

Chief Keef posted footage of Capo receiving oral sex by an unidentified female onto his video app Vine.

“CapGettinTopByALilThot,” Keef wrote on Twitter before posting the video titled “#Top.”

Chief Keef even has his own footage.

Sosa shocked fans after debuting his “P*rn” video via the Hang W/ application.

“Tonight It Aint Hang W Its P*rn W Be Lookin Out 5mins,” he wrote.

The O’Block native made good on his word. Keef showed footage of his sexcapade, which was captured on his smartphone device.

Chief Keef, 17, previously caught flack for uploading sexual images via his Instagram account. The rapper showed himself receiving oral sex from an unidentified female.

His account was subsequently shut down.

“F**k instagram dey took my sh*t again,” he tweeted.

Glo Gang’s sex tapes appear to get them in trouble. Tadoe and the rest of Glo Gang may now learn to keep their sexploits private.

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