Tay600 Sentenced To 30 Months In Prison For Illegal Possession of Firearm

Tay600 will be spending the next few years of his life in the penal system. The “Where I’m At” rapper was sentenced to 30 months in prison for illegal possession of firearm.

Tay600 was arrested Sunday, March 6 for indirect criminal contempt.

Tay’s sentence corroborates his claims he was nabbed on a gun charge. In March, Tay600 spoke on the phone with rapper J Starr to clarify the real reason he’s sitting in Cook County.

J Starr said Tay600 was in jail for a gun charge and not for snitching.

“On BD my brother in there for a glizzy not cuhh he snitchin on that Rondo case,” he wrote. “If he was snitching why the f**k he still locked up. N***a ain’t cooperating so 12 playing games doing the most to keep him booked for the gun cause n***a ain’t talking. Where’s the statements? Footage of him taking the stand? Explain why he still in there? Exactly free my bro @la_ganggg and smd if you don’t like it.”

Tay600 told HipHopsRevival in his last interview he was fighting a gun charge.

“I got my lawyers on top of the s**t,” he said.

He also opened up on allegedly snitching on RondoNumbaNine and Cdai.

To pass time, Tay600 says he’s sharpening his vocabulary in jail.

“I’m trying to turn a detrimental situation into a positive situation. …I’ve been writing a lot of sh*t the world ain’t ready for.”

Tay cleared the air on rumors he was in protective custody in jail, saying his life wasn’t in danger.

Tay said all was well between himself and Rondo and Cdai.

“When I seen Nine, when I seen 22, we was kicking it,” he said. “…Behind closed doors, we still the guys.”

Tay said he’s just anticipating his return to the streets.

“I’m in the b***h just chilling right now, getting my thoughts together,” he said. “…Knocking this time out, that’s all. Be ready for my return. Return of TaySix.”

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