DoeBoi Flexx Premiers ‘Hard Head’ Music Video


DoeBoi Flexx isn’t playing right now. The teen rhymer is ferociously hitting the underground scene with new music. DoeBoi released his single “Hard Head” last week to favorable reviews. DoeBoi has now released a visual for his Steezy On The Beat-produced track.

DoeBoi is masked up in his Devo Visions music video, rapping, “The same n-gga you call bro they will put you in the line-up/Either with me or against me, n-gga make your mind up/Had to separate from the fu sh-t and go and get my grind up/Everybody say they cold-hearted, they say that sh-t like it’s cool/I ain’t on plan on droppin out of school, my momma ain’t raise no fool.”

DoeBoi is currently prepping the release of his debut mixtape “Think I’m Tunchie,” which is slated to drop soon.