Florida Man Shoots Teen Dead For Playing Music Too Loud


Michael Dunn Florida Man Accused Killing BLACK Teenager Jordan Davis Over Rap Music Dispute
A Florida man has been charged with fatally shooting a teenager outside a Jacksonville convenience store following an argument that was triggered because the music coming from the teen’s car was too loud.

Michael Dunn is facing murder and attempted murder charges in the shooting of 17-year-old Jordan Davis. Davis was waiting inside the car with two other teenagers while the car’s 19-year-old driver made a purchase inside the gas station. Dunn was outside the store waiting for his girlfriend.

“They were listening to music. It was loud, they admitted that,” said Lt. Rob Schoonover, a homicide detective with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. “But that’s not a reason to open fire … and take action.”

The 45-year-old Dunn was arrested at his Brevard County home, about 160 miles away, along Florida’s Space Coast. He told detectives he had been in the process of turning himself in to a neighbor, who is in law enforcement. He is in the Brevard County Jail awaiting extradition to Jacksonville after pleading not guilty to the charges.