GTG (GV & Mozart) Drop ‘Go Get It (Pt. 2)’ Music Video


GV and Mozart of GTG are about that action. The two Chi Town artists “Go Get It” in part two of their track.

Mozart opens this @HC93-produced record with some grimy lyrics. He raps, “East side of Chicago, I’m from the grimey side/Grimy n****s right by me now/Bet a n***a won’t try me now/Bet a n***a won’t doubt me now/Half these n****s tried to count me out.”

GV would rather get to the money than beef with a lame.

GV raps, “It’s too much money out here, n***a, I could never be broke/It’s still money over b*****s, put no trust in no h**e/I might like the b***h, but I ain’t loving her though.”

Watch GTG’s ADHD-directed music video above.