SachiTheBabyDoll and Ayoo KD ‘Boss Up’ In Music Video


SachiTheBabyDoll and Ayoo KD get on some boss sh-t in new visual. The two artists simply “Boss Up” in their Canon Montana project.

Baby Doll drops impressive rhymes on this record, rapping, “Take long just to get dressed, these people are impressed/I love myself, I’m the rawest b-tch/The queen, I am that/Tell them girls to give me my props, if you owe me just give my guwop.”

KD follows, rapping, I’m riding around with the nine, n-gga/If the sh-t fu, I ain’t buying n-gga/If you ain’t talking a mil, I can’t sign with you/I’m KD, b-tch, I spit thunder b-tches.”

Viewers could perhaps be witnessing the new Bonnie and Clyde of rap. Both artists’ bars complimented each other well in this tough new joint.