THE COMMUNITY?–Dedicated to Trayvon Martin


We undertook this project as an expression of our feelings towards the injustices surrounding the murder of Trayvon Martin. Aside from the obvious travesties in this tragedy, we questioned what the consciences were of the other members of the community where he was murdered must be. One 911 caller emotionally asked why a person had killed another. This led to a few questions of our own: Why did they just sit on the phone during Trayvon’s the cries for help? Why didn’t someone go SEE who was yelling for help? And lastly, would Trayvon still be alive had some neighbors intervened?
“The Community” was conceived on the late afternoon of Friday, March 23,2012; and filming started at noon the next day on a budget of about $200. A few friends brought together a cast and crew of complete strangers with a common thread of community. The actors and crew felt so compelled by the subject and story that they graciously agreed to participate for the cause alone. It is our desire this film gives its viewers a greater sense community.

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