Young Holley- Pour’n Up (A Trayvon Martin Story)


I want to start by saying this video is not associated with Trayvon Martin or his family & friends. I just wanted to shoot a video based off of what happened to him because I believe he shouldn’t die in vain. This SONG has many messages. It talks about how it seems pointless for a person of color to want to better themselves when no matter what they achieve they’ll still be seen as savages. It also talks about the struggles of individuals coming out of the inner city and understanding why they do what they do to cope with their circumstances. There are plenty more messages one could take from this song but I’d rather not break it all down. I’d rather challenge you to listen and figure out what I am trying to convey on your own. My purpose of the actual VIDEO is not to reinforce stereotypes, wrongly depict or misrepresent my own people. Some of you will just see a bunch of “thugs” in hoods with weapons, however, that is not the case. My purpose of this video is to open the eyes of society & show that black people will always come together and fight for our freedom. Freedom from racism, prejudice and injustice. I just wish it didn’t have to take the death of Trayvon for us to finally do so. But maybe in the future we will use his death as fuel to take care of the crime and injustice in our own cities. People die for nothing everyday and to complain about the negativity of our/your city and do nothing to help fix it just makes you insane.

Song Produced: by Stacks
Trayvon Martin Played: by Jacob Nelson
Mark Zimmerman Played: by Brian Terry
Video Directed & Recorded: by Martez Gordon #FlyVisuals

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