Zo Bandz and Rich P Evolon Premier ‘Street N*ggaz’ Music Video


Zo Bandz tapped Rich P Evolon for his latest single “Street N-----,” an Ace Bankz production. The two artists go in on their Killa Canon Boiz music video.

Zo kicks off this record, rapping, “First off, I’m a street n-gga, do what the f-ck I wanna do/Ain’t no way we ain’t getting rich cause most of these n-ggas horrible.”

Rich raps, “That n-gga Zo Bandz, my brotha, he gon eat whenever I eat/Lotta these f-ck n-ggas be switching up on they homies, n-gga not me.”

Zo proves there’s no stopping StainGang any time soon with his latest release.