White Vigilante Shot and Killed Two Black Lives Matter Protestors In Kenosha, Police Let Him Escape

A white vigilante roamed the streets of Kenosha, WI last night during Jacob Blake protests. The man, who remains unidentified, shot a people protesting the recent police shooting of Jacob Blake, TMZ reports.

The vigilante ended up killing two people, and injured another.

The protest reportedly occurred at a courthouse where the situation soon got out of hand with water bottles, rocks and fireworks being aimed at police. Police, in return, fired rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd.

The vigilante allegedly shot someone in the stomach before he was chased by protestors who were trying to apprehend him. The vigilante falls to the ground, and shoots and kills two people.

Police soon arrive, and allow the vigilante to walk past them and get away even with protestors pointing him out as the shooter.

Watch footage above.

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