Chicago Dancer Lil’ Kemo Talks History of ‘Boppin’

Chicago teen Lil’ Kemo’s popularity is growing due to his talented dancing skills. Known for his superb “Boppin” skills, Lil’ Kemo has lent his talent in a slew of music videos.

Lil’ Kemo revealed in a recent interview he was immediately drawn to the “Bop” dance.

“Bopping is a Chicago dance,” he said. “It started back in the late 50s and 60s. It was a dance I seen out west. It was raw as hell to me. I really liked the dance.”

The “Bop” has undergone many transformations throughout several generations. Originally performed in the late 50s and early 60s, the “Bop” was a smooth, calm dance of striding, gliding, dipping and dabbing, according to

Lil’ Kemo described “Boppin” as a unique culture for Chicago.

“It’s really a culture and many don’t know that. It’s a thing that can keep going,” he said.

In today’s generation amongst a younger, hip demographic, the “Bop” now is performed to Hip Hop music. It incorporates a “bounce” with slick footwork and various body movements.
Boppin, Lil’ Kemo said, has a meaning to it.

“If you have haters out here, Bop harder, dance harder,” he said. “Just go hard, turn up. Every time you think about that song that come on and you start Boppin, you just block everybody out and Bop on all your haters.”

Check out Lil’ Kemo’s interview below.

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    Keep hustling lil homie, your time is coming

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    much success to this young man

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