Lil Durk Responds To Tyga & Game’s ‘Chiraq To LA’ Diss

Tyga came back with some heat following Lil Durk’s sneak attack diss in Meek Mill’s “Chiraq” remix.

But the YMCMB rapper got some help. Game hopped on the track and gave Lil Durk a verbal lashing he will forever remember.

Durk took to Twitter to issue a response to the diss.

“He needed that help his ass was finished lol,

“Chiraq I love city we turn up!!!!!!!

“Wtf tyga was talking bout lol he let game get all the song so tyga can feel tuff,

“I’m on n****s ass no let up talk dat street s**t I’m wit all da bulls**t,” Durk wrote.

Los Angeles rapper The Menace had a few choice words for rival Game in response to the diss.

“This n***a take on everybody beef .. But his,” the “Put On My N****s” rapper wrote.

Durk messaged Menace, writing, “@ComptonMenace I’m on his ass squad.”

Will Durk issue a battle record against Game? Sound off below.

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  • if drose was out, game would be dead..

    • Cool guy(instagram=general_juan)(brown disciple)

      Drose wouldn’t do shit u don’t understand game has paid security with him all the time? And u think droses nigger ass would have enough money to go to la

      • if presidents can get killed than game punk ass can get hit..

        • Cool guy(instagram=general_juan)(brown disciple)

          Only four presidents have been killed since beginning of America and those were all back when security was loose like ur asshole and they were killed by government not a poor nigger in chicago.

          • Slow down With that nigger shit u dirty spic!!!!!

    • yeah drose is going to fly out to los angeles, find somewhere to buy a gun, find out where the game is, get past security and entourage and shoot him

  • durk corny as hell “im on his ass squad” thats his pretty much his response to everything lol ! but if he makea a diss back his career over cos he gnna look like a bitch unless he gets tyga shot or summn but doubt it

  • Toronnto-uknow

    tyga shouldn’t waste his time and game should of left this child play and made a album. frfr durk trash. autotune ass coon.

    • tunechi

      man get yo canadian ass outta here. durk better than both them clowns

  • real nigga

    tyga a hoe ass nigga for not fighting his own battles. the game a hoe ass nigga for even jumping in a one on one fight

  • Anonymous

    the game is a fake blood and tyga is a fake black man

  • Beedee


    • killa


  • Who the fuck is lil durk I don’t even know him or like he even existed until tyga mentioned his ugly monkey name,what the fuck!!! He should put his sorry ass down before game puts him to RIP,soon he will become history no one will remember his name

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