Omega Man Shaq Says Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh Aren’t Tough Enough to Pledge Que

No. Dwight is a Kappa. Dwight is a pretty boy, smooth. No way.
– Shaquille O’Neal, GQ Magazine

Former NBA Superstar Shaquille O’Neal sat down with GQ magazine to talk basketball. The conversation soon switched from basketball to black fraternities. O’Neal, a member of Omega Psi Phi, was asked if he could Orlando Magic Center Dwight Howard and Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh in his frat. The living legend had this to say:

GQ: You are a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., which is one of the hardest fraternities to pledge in. Do you think Dwight would be tough enough to make it through the pledging process? 

Shaq: No. Dwight is a Kappa. Dwight is a pretty boy, smooth. No way.

GQ: What about Chris Bosh?

Shaq: F**k no! He’s an Alpha, all the way.

GQ: Derrick Rose?

Shaq: Yeah.

GQ: Kobe Bryant.

Shaq: Yeah, fuck yeah.

GQ: You’re tough on Chris Bosh. Why?

Shaq: I’m just not calling him part of the Big 3. He put up good numbers, but he wasn’t leading Toronto to any number one spots, you know what I’m saying? One day I gave him 46 points and he was like “Oh, shit, Shaq cheated.” That’s when I called him the RuPaul of the NBA. A lot of times I’m just messing around but if he thinks I’m serious, so what? – Source

We, at, respect The Big Diesel on his opinion, but did he even pledge? We heard he is an honorary member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. #JustSayin

Do you think the four-time NBA Champion was right in his assessment? Which NBA players could you see in the divine nine?

Check out Full Interview by Clicking Here.

Check out Shaq stepping with his bruhz below

Head to Collegiate NetVision (CNV) to Watch Howard University Omega Psi Phi Alpha Chapter Step Show by Clicking Here.

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  • Reginald

    This nicca Shaq silly as fuq

  • Dez

    Chris Bosh would be AKA

    • johnny

      Alpha=AKA same shit yo

      • Anonymous

        alpha as in alpha phi alpha not aka since they are a sororiy

    • val

      Bosh would drop

      • Hellnaw!

        Drop what? the soap! LOL

  • Randy

    This paper ass nigga aint got room to talk

    • az

      Shaq aint no real Que. Prettyboy nupe in the house

  • angel

    Shak is a fool ctfu

  • leroy

    Bosh would be a Zeta

    • williewill

      zeta? He is too skinny to be a Zeta lmao

      • dana

        Oh wow…ctfu

      • Piston

        I’m weak!!!!!!!!! :0

      • oneup


  • theREDZ

    I love the bruhs #colemanlove

  • Joe Jackson daddy

    Shaq aint pledge shit

  • Kellz

    Who would be Iota?

    • makmaine

      The bench…

      • spit


      • Anonymous

        fuck you know about Iota? Paper ass niggas always got some slick shit to say.

  • Mone

    showtowt 2 da bruhs ROO

  • Jasmine

    Chris Bosh is too much uva diva. He is definitely a delta lol

  • leslie

    So is SHAQ tryna say Alphas are gay?

  • powermoves

    Did he even pledge?

  • pied piper

    shaq didnt pledge. He might as well b a sigma!

    • Lig

      DEAD. If Sigmas dint pop out in 1914 I swear they’d be the iotas of the elite 8 if iotas din’t show up

  • tyson

    What is a que and what is pledging?

  • melo

    Hey Ques!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dabruhs


  • nastidawg

    Hahaha he said bosh would be alpha

  • Tina

    All of this is foreign language to me. I don’t know what you all are talking about

  • datPIFF

    Shaq aint pledge nuthin but allegiance to the flag

  • nile

    Shaq is an attention whore. sit down and eat a baby cow

  • oLIVEiA

    I love the ques ; )

  • regisregis

    Shaq went in!!! CTFU

  • mario

    Shaq is honorary. He is a fake que

  • mugsy

    I heard shaq tried to pledge nupe at LSU but couldnt because of basketball

    • Lig

      You know he’s salty. What’s wrong with being Smooth and CLEAN, yall know Ques reek All the damn time. Damn like i know you’re a dog but can you take a shower sometimes

  • pollo

    Shaq is the man

  • Trigga

    In 1992/93 I used to work with a white guy that claimed he was a Que at LSU. My homeboy and I thought he was lying. He said at LSU they had a rule that every fraternity had to have one minority and he was the minority Que. He brought in a Shaq signed basketball and said that Shaq wanted to be a Que and Coach Dale Brown came and got him off line twice – we really didn’t believe that. Several years later when Shaq became a Que I was like how be damn he was telling the truth!

  • Anonymous

    Can Shaq even read..I thought that was a one of the requirements to be apart of any BGLO. Shaq is PAPER

  • swag daddi 404

    hahaha he called bosh an alpha

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Oneal need to STFU! He say Kobe could be a Que? That’s about as fake as his PhD. Ain’t nothing wrong with being honorary because one of the founders was honorary. But Shaq ain’t got no right saying who can be Que and who can’t. Don’t give a crap if you paper or pledge, are your financial? There’s many so-called bruhs who pledged and that is the full extent of their involvement in Omega.

    • 4real

      Shaq didn’t even pledge, so he’s one to talk. Plus he has animosity towards the Alphas because he tried to be an Alpha at LSU, but wasn’t accepted.

    • Anonymous

      Roo Bruh. That’s an Omega Man talking.

  • Pharoah1906

    Shaq needs to STFU! How would a paper as honorary instant Que know who belongs in what frat. You should not be in yours because you did not work for it!! Alpha Men are truly elite because we stopped doing that shit decades ago. The late grate Bobby Phills and Garrett Temple actually pledged and are better looking than your gigantic jolly black giant ugly ass while you trying to say Chris Bosh is an Alpha. Your ex-wife Shaunie could do better that you with her fine self!

  • NovaQane

    Grip that nigga bet he fold , bosch an iota bruh fuck outta here with that alpha diss lol

  • 4th D Que Team

    For the record Shaq aint paper! I personally know the OG early and late 80s bruhz that made him, you have no idea!

  • G Money

    Only an Alpha, well maybe a Kappa too, calls other men ugly or says better looking about other men. What man would do that? Dude said that without pause. That’s a female trait. Well! Bosh is soft though.

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