San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick Strolls With Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Brothers [Video] reported earlier that San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick is a proud member of prominent black fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi.

We have unearthed never-before-seen footage of Kaepernick practicing strolls with his University of Nevada Reno Xi Phi chapter brothers.

Kaepernick recently took to Twitter to rep his beloved fraternity by simply writing, “Yo Yo,” an unofficial call of the Kappa Alpha Psi.

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc was founded on Jan. 5, 1911 at Indiana University Bloomington. Prominent members of the fraternity include Montell Jordan, Cedric “The Entertainer,” Marvin Sapp and Bob Johnson.

Check out Kaepernick shimmying below

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42 Responses to San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick Strolls With Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Brothers [Video]

  1. DeltaMade says:

    Uh oh get it Colin!!!

  2. LovelyDove says:

    O My Lord!!!!! He look sooooo effin sexy. Im mad it was so short hmph

  3. OwtestMuthaFugga says:

    that n*gga weak AF FOH!!

  4. Krimson N Kreme Erythang says:

    @Owtest F*k u!!! S/O 2 my bruh and the hood. Yo Yo!!!!

  5. PerQueSet says:

    He would be a Kappa. He do play in San Francisco. What r the odds lol

    • College Dude says:

      Your frat HQ is in the ATL, the new and gayest city in the world…now that’s funny, nah, check that, it’s not funny, bunch of Que B*tches!!! lol!!!

  6. SGRho_Lady says:

    Aww im mad the part was only like a half second :-(

  7. Quita says:

    I didn’t even know he was in a fraternity. He looked good gettin his little stomp da yard on :-p

  8. Krimson N Kreme Erythang says:

    @Perqueset F*k u 2!!! Hater!

  9. AKA 1908 says:

    I love how there are Greeks dominating everything. I wish him the best of luck in the SB :-)

  10. OwtestMuthaFugga says:

    At :05 you see em watching Jersey Shore haha

  11. Kappa Status says:

    Haters gon hate smh

  12. PrettyNPink says:

    He’s the qb for the San Francisco, rite? That’s what’s hot. Good for him Skee-Yo!

  13. Jupiter Luv says:

    He was getting it :-)

  14. Nelly Boop says:

    Cute lol

  15. RedT8il says:

    OMG how did kollegekidd find this!?!?!

  16. Quintin says:

    This is Bullsh*t!! That’s just sum random tall lightskinned n*gga LMBO!!!

  17. Terrica says:

    ooo weeee That Man got me fanning myself o lawd lol

  18. Man of Kappa Alpha Psi says:

    Im starting to think envy us on a mayday level. Everytime i come to this site and see a kappa thread, yall dudes always got something to say, especially owtest. i swear if i saw you on a street i’d knock ur head in. Bet not come to Atl talkin that sh*t

  19. FAMU Chica says:

    That was very cute! Wish it was longer!

  20. Never Underestimate says:

    @Quintin R you blind?? That is Colin

  21. iota chapter aphia in da House says:

    Ace C1ub APHiA up in dis BIA BIA

  22. Xavier says:

    tall ass tryna stroll haha

  23. Its So Hard to Be a Delta says:

    Colin in that beater wooo!

    • Novia says:

      Joanna, Plez & SjP – I’m glad that I took time to share this blog post. I broke the generational suporpt of KAY when I didn’t pledge during my college years.I hope that my son does join a Greek organization when it is his time…

  24. Pharaoh1906 says:


  25. OwtestMuthaFugga says:

    F*ck Gaypernick!

    • College Dude says:

      If the best you can do is call a Kappa gay go for it. Kaepernick is a Nupe, and he made it the old fashion way he earned it. Unlike your frat we dont have honorary members…now “hop” off like a lil’ GIRL and tell that!

  26. Never Underestimate says:

    N*ggas gon hate but f*** em!

  27. Anonymous says:

    That weak ass stroll

  28. Prince Vegeta says:

    That stroll was so weak bro lol

  29. STONE says:

    its funny how the haters on here must have a fear of being outed; closeted [expletive]s always are the first and most vocal haters

  30. that guy says:

    Ques are whack as f***, just a bunch of loud ass lames!! Dont get mad cuz you clowns have to beg people to be in your frat, f***ing “honorary’. all Kappas have to pledge and go through a process. You guys aren’t any different that a f***ing sorority. F*ck the Ques, hope you all die a slow death….

    • Toni says:

      Why all the vulgarity , you should be showing more pride. The Black man has no room for segregation among themselves. You haven’t learned anything, in fact I don’t believe you are even GREEK!
      EMBARRASSING !!!!!!

  31. karen says:

    haha he so stiff

  32. lavonte says:

    he’s not stiff on the field. That’s all that matter. Let’s get em 9ers

  33. Toni says:

    My first love was Barry L. McClure graduate of MTSU the God Father of The Triple Jump,my husband,father of my son,(Barry L.McClure,jr.) Comissioned Officer in the U.S.Army,semi pro golfer,last but not least ” NUPE”. My man! Welcome Colin
    From a Fine A.K.A.

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