600Breezy Hints XXXTentacion Put A Price On His Head In Florida?

600Breezy is in XXXTentacion’s hometown of Miami, Florida without a care in the world. Breezo recently took to his IG account to post footage himself cruising down the streets of Miami. But it is Breezo’s caption that is garnering much discussion.

Breezy wrote, “They say it’s a price on my head so I’m riding in a drop top [600] #awaygame #nohomecourtadvantage.”

They say it's a price on my head so I'm riding in a drop top 6️⃣? #awaygame #nohomecourtadvantage

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Days ago, the 600Cartel boss told IG followers he was in Miami looking for X. Breezo was riding in a foreign when he had a message to say to X.

“I’m in Miami though. I’m all over, in every f*****g county,” Breezo said. “If a n***a is f*****g looking for me, and you talking that gangster s**t, n***a. And I’m blicked up.”

Days ago, X threatened Breezo, telling him to watch his step in his home state.

Breezo released IG dms of X telling him to “walk light.”

X wrote, “I aint on that postin s**t so ima say this to you once.

“You aint even know I had n****s in the club callin me bout ya dub, u got spared walk light.”

Breezo weighed in on X’s comments on Twitter, writing, “This n***a told me to walk light … When I obviously been stomping threw yo territory for a week… choker wearing a-- rappers suspect.”

Earlier this month, X allegedly sneak dissed Breezo.

“These p***y n****s talk too much, shut up h*e

“If you got my name in your mouth don’t surprised if my d**k end up in it too,” he wrote on Twitter.

Breezy himself believe the comments were about him.

He wrote on Twitter, “This crusty the clown lookin a-- n***a just dissed me right.”

Breezo spoke on his issues with X during a recent IG Live session, hinting Drake gave him the go-ahead to diss the Florida rapper.

“Tell shorty be cool, do his music thing and turn up,” Breezo told Drake. “He got a good a-- fanbase, especially where he from. They riding for that man. We coming from Chicago where we started from rap beef. N****s ain’t just get on. N****s got off rap beef. Homies really dying for this s**t.”

Breezo continued, “Every time I ask my homie can I get on somebody a--, he always say no. This time just gave me shrug cause he tweaking. That’s all I need.”

XXXTentacion had a crowd chanting “F**k Drake” during an April show in Miami.

#xxxtentacion allegedly arrested at concert ? (Is X a true badass? ?)

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#xxxtentacion got the crowd dissing #drake ? #morelife #lookatme #kmt

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XXXTentacion is not only attacking Drake for stealing his sound, but also for appropriating his Jamaican culture.

“My boy a Rasta now? Tell this p***y n***a Drake stop speaking Patwa,” X said. “You are not Jamaican. I’m a real f*****g Jamaican. I’m from f*****g Kingston. All of my family is from Kingston. Stop stealing my people’s culture. Get the f**k off our d**k. We don’t claim you. Go back to where you came from. Whose man is this?”

#xxxtentacion disses #drake for stealing his #jamaican culture ? #morelife

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X took to social media to say he was honored to be “in the same bracket” as the OVO frontman.

“It’ a blessing to even be relevant, to remotely be able to speak on one of the greatest artists out right now,” X said. “I mean this. As far as artistry and corporately, Drake is at the top of the game. It’s an honor to even be in the same bracket, or considered in the same bracket as a great artist, or an artist that is huge in this point and time. It’s a blessing to even relevant at this point in time, and to have a fanbase that can compete with something like that? I can’t say nothing else. I love y’all.”

#xxxtentacion says he feels honored to be on the same caliber as #drake ?

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X dissed Drake upon his release from jail during a radio interview with 103.5

X called out Drake for having a flow similar to “Look At Me.”

“They put his verse on my song and the cadence is just at the same tempo,” X told 103.5. “It’s not off beat at all. He’s not a man. He’s a b***h. That was a b***h move, especially when I was in jail facing life. If Drake would’ve came to my bond hearing, that would’ve made my f*****g day. If he would’ve showed he’s a hospitable person, and that he’ really in this s**t for the culture rather taking my s**t and running off with it and then putting it on his album, then he would’ve got my kudos, my respect.”

X first got at Drizzy in late January.

well then????

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