Billionaire Black Releases New Single ‘Diddy Bop’ Featuring Aim Dame

Billionaire Black hit listeners with the newly released single “Diddy Bop.”

Aim Dame is guest featured on this track.

Black raps, “I diddy bop in my rocks/Gotta couple hundreds on me/Got Burberry on me and you know we smoking OG/Off a molly, probably OD/I swear broke b------ blow me/Talking crazy gon have to show me/Gotta bank roll, no rollie.”

Aim Dame hits the track, rapping, “I’m in love with the mula, pockets fat, no tumor/Tryna rob me, I’ma spazz out/Tryna rob me, I’ma spazz out/Pop a clip in, pop it back out.”

Billionaire Black is hard at work on his sophomore mixtape “Billion Dollar Man.” No word on the project’s exact release date, but it is slated to drop soon.

Listen to Billionaire Black’s “Diddy Dop” featuring Aim Dame

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