Call of Duty Player @PhobiaTheGod Hacks Chief Keef’s Twitter Page

Chief Keef has been in custody for only a day and has fallen victim to his Twitter page being hacked.

The culprit behind his page hack- @PhobiaTheGod. Phobia is a known member of the Call of Duty gaming community.

Phobia made use of his time on Chief Keef’s Twitter to promote himself and tell the “I Don’t Like” rapper’s followers to follow his personal Twitter account.

“Im not a Legend… Im a God” by ‪@PhobiaTheGod

“follow my nigga ‪@PhobiaTheGod hes the shit

“if I get 50k followers ill start following people on ‪@ChiefKeef

“to get a follow from ‪@ChiefKeef you must 1.follow me 2. shout me out chill,” he wrote.

A slew of Keef’s fans didn’t find Phobia’s antics funny. Some fans pleaded with Phobia to return Keef’s account.

“why do people care he is a celebrity will get it back asap. lol just @ me for questions

“some of you guys are actin like i punched him in the face or something. its a twitter account.. that hes getting back. im sur he doesnt care

Phobia eventually promised to give back Chief Keef’s account. He made good on his word and gave the account to Glory Boyz Entertainment associate Tray Savage.

‪@DONOVAN_FFOE wow… so how is he gettin his account back ? ill let one of his irl friends get it idc

Gave back the account guys… i will get my next target within 3weeks

i will follow people on this account now…. done with chief gave it to ‪@traysavage300

Phobia then shouted out Chief Keef.

“one last shout out to ‪@ChiefKeef you are young,talented, and have a big life ahead of you. stay smart,safe,and secured.”

At least Phobia was a good sport. How do you feel about the Chief Keef’s Twitter getting hacked? Sound off below.

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