Capo and Migos Involved In Heated Altercation In Chiraq

The Atlanta rap trio was in Chicago Friday night for a scheduled performance at Club Adriannas. Quavo posted a snapshot of their performance in front of a packed crowd onto IG.

“I DO THIS FA YALL #RNT RICH N*GGA TIMELINE @livemixtapes GO GET IT!! #ChiRaq #Chicago Luv!!” the caption on his post read.

A photo posted by QuavoYRN (@quavoyrn) on

But their time in Chiraq didn’t go entirely smooth. Migos found themselves involved in an altercation with Glo Gang rapper Capo Saturday morning.

Capo confronted Offset, Tafeoff and Quavo inside a restaurant.

The “G.L.O.N.L. 2” artist also shed light on the incident in a rant posted to Twitter.

“@1YoungTakeoff Way F*ck n*gga Link up Dm yo number! Y’all pull up right Pull up Na

“Migos Soft as hell Y’all Jus Had 20 n*ggas And I was by myself F*ck n*ggas! Link

“@1YoungTakeoff @offsetYRN @QuavoStuntin Link Up Again Were y’all at don’t leave Chicago yet Dm y’all Line let’s meet let’s meet Again!” he wrote.

“On blood grave They all Swung and I didn’t Get hit 2time they Lil rappin A-- had 20 n*ggas Wit Em An ain’t even do sh*t But woof!

“@migosATL Y’all a-- was tryna talk I told y’all let’s go outside y’all b*tch a-- y’all wanna be real so bad! Y’all fraud a-- lil n*ggas!

“Cameras on once the fight was over Y’all ain’t record wat really happen on blood quavo was scared y’all a-- funny I’m off the internet Tho!

“Quavious Marshall yall from the north side of Atlanta Y’all can’t Even c-- to Zone6 east Atlanta! Gucci don’t f*ck wit yall no Mo @MigosATL

“Bang Bang Kamakazee

“Nobody wanted to Fight One On One I was gone Beat all 3 of the Migos asson Blood!

“Shhhhh close Yo mouth rest Up in the Trap! I make one Call And Then fall I put him on the Map!” he wrote.

Capo also took to IG to call out Migos


“Migos B*tches @MigosATL scary a-- N*ggas Y’all ain’t Wanna Fight me One on one! We a meet Again,” the captions on his posts read.

Capo’s posts come following the release of Chief Keef’s latest track “Trap” featuring Shawty Lo. In this track, Sosa sneak disses the Migos, rapping, “B*tch I’m trapping out the mansion/I ain’t trappin out of no Bando/This ain’t no Versace…”

Migos’ “Bando” and “Versace” were two of their earlier breakout hit records.

There is no love lost between Chief Keef and Migos.

Sosa previously released two tracks subliminally aimed at Migos following their 2013 social media exchanges that turned the world of underground Hip Hop upside down.

Sosa’s leaked snippet of “Mando” appeared to be a jab at Migos’ hit song “Bando.”

In Mando, Sosa raps, “Mando, b*tch getting money Mando/N****s shooting up your bando/Mando, b---- I need my money pronto.”

Sosa then released “Pull Up,” another suspected diss toward Migos.

In this 12-Hunna-produced single, Sosa raps, “Pull up in my M-6, in my M-1/Just hit my connect, say he got about 10 guns/Pull up in my 755 with 50 ones.”

Migos first told Sosa to “pull up” after all hell broke loose during their social media exchange in early December 2013.

Chief Keef slammed the Migos for an alleged sneak diss in song “Brokanese.”

“Heard Migos sneak dissin No Talkin,” Sosa wrote.

Offset responded a short time later with a direct statement telling Sosa to “pull up” when they landed in “Chiraq” for a scheduled Dec. 21 performance.

“Will b in Chiraq Next Week Pull Up @ChiefKeef,” he wrote.

The remaining members Quavo and Takeoff issued a statement, writing, “Sneak Diss Who?? PULL UP!! #DNTTWEET PULL UP!!”

Sosa mocked the Atlanta-based rappers, writing, “Lol ‘Pull Up’ #CallMeSosaSanta.”

Migos went on to release the track “Jealousy.”

Migos made their to way to California where Sosa was undergoing rehabilitation and again subliminally messaged the Interscope rapper, telling him to “pull up.”

“In Cali coolin

“All these rappers know they p****s anyway #F**kDaRapGame,” Migos wrote.

Offset echoed the abovementioned tweet on his Twitter account.

Migos went on to retweet a fan that tagged Glo Gang rapper BallOut in a tweet, writing, “Migos nem out N cali way?”

“Still in Cali #PullUp,” Migos added.

The singles “Mando” and “Pull Up” were released by Sosa despite his stance that he wouldn’t make any “diss songs.” He stated he would rather meet the Atlanta rappers in person.

“Finna hit The studio What y’all On? And no I don’t make diss Songs! Why do dat and You’ll see em Eventually,” he wrote.

Migos would go on to diss Sosa during their visit to Chiraq.

The Migos’ experience was captured in the “Migos: Live From Chiraq” vlog.

During the course of their tour outside of Petie Boys burger shop, someone can be heard, saying, “Sosa and them” at the 1:40 mark in the video.

Offset responded, “F**k, they talking bout.”

Chief Keef didn’t let their remarks slide.

“So I heard n----- Came to a n---- City and Knew I was in rehab! How you didn’t know And da whole world Know where da judge sent me,” Chief Keef wrote.

Chief Keef went on to downplay Migos’ street clout.

“N----- Fake As f--- Walkin Round like

“N----- think we beef because of my tweet No it’s Jus redtape on your street!” the “Bang 3” rapper wrote.

Sosa wrote he doesn’t engage in publicity stunts and boasted he is about that life, citing a shooting incident in DC.

“But Aye World Get Them n----- Some Publicity Stunts N----- love Publicity Stunts. I don’t do all dat I turn up Ask DC,” he wrote.

Chief Keef purports he and his Glo Gang crew shot up the Stadium nightclub in Washington D.C. during his Finally Rich Tour on June 30, 2012.

This incident was revealed after Sosa and D.C. rapper Shy Glizzy briefly exchanged heated words on Twitter in early December.

Glizzy messaged Chief Keef on Twitter, writing, “who made that bus glo up?”

Sosa responded, writing, “Who shot The Stadium up Doe? That s--- Should be In DC History #GLOGANG.”

Migos later added fuel onto their fiery beef with Sosa by claiming they were going to film a music video on O’Block with Lil Durk. It was Durk who suggested the move in May.

“New sh*t wit @MigosATL video gone be in ChiRaq #lilnigga,

“Migos can come to oblock and shoot our video,” he wrote on Twitter.

Migos replied to Durk’s tweet, writing, “who said we can’t lol.”

Durk responded to Migos, writing, “a nobody.”

Durk’s music video plans received the blessing of BossTop.

BossTop was recently photoed with Migos wearing Sosa’s Johnny Dang chain.

“#YoungHotHeadz #MigoGang #OTF @yrntakeoff @offsetym

“#IceAttack @yrntakeoff,” the captions on the posts read.

Lil Durk and Migos’ planned video shoots didn’t sit too well with Lil Reese.

Reese referred to all parties involved in the set up of the music video as “twitter thugs” and “studio thugs.”

“…N*ggas is clowns and jokes ova Internet p*ssy in real life,

“All dis d*ck ridin n*ggas doin dey shouldn’t b n*ggas nbs…#300,” he wrote.

Reese later referred to them as “fu gang” and “ILLUMINATI a-- n*ggas.”

Reese would later clarify he doesn’t have beef with Durk.

O’Block, or Parkway Gardens, is Chief Keef’s old stomping grounds. There is a heavy Black Disciple presence on the set.

Migos have yet to respond to Chief Keef’s latest song “Trap.”

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