Cardi B Calls King Yella A ‘Sloth,’ Says He Never Smashed

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Cardi B is out to clear her name after King Yella insinuated he had sexual relations with her.

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Cardi B wrote on Twitter, “I know some people think the worst of me but my nikka for people to think I ever slept wit that sloth, it’s unbelievable. Nikkas will lie on their own d**k for what? Followers? Only reason why I was cool wit him was cause of my ex.”

Cardi soon began responding to fans who offered an opinion on the Yella’s claims.

@Treyskii wrote, “Cardi B should be a lesson for the youth. Don’t be out here f*****g n****s like King Yella cus you might be something one day lol.”

Cardi replied to Treyskii, writing, “I never f****d that nikka, never flirted never nothing. I was cool with him cause of my ex fiancé. Everytime I went to Chicago and he popped out me ex fiancé brother used to be wit us. Clearly nikkas cloud chasing. Don’t ever get it twisted.”

@yungrajee wrote, “Offset weird for tryna fight king yella lmao n***a thought his stripper girlfriend was a virgin before him.”

Cardi B replied, “I wasn’t but I deff never f****d him. He was my ex fiancé homie. I used to be cool and show love due to my ex. I will never.”

Offset called Yella to check him for dissing his popular fiancé.

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Yella had an associate record him on FaceTime with Offset.

“Motherf****r think I’m a h** or something? What you saying though? Yo b***h inboxing motherf*****s talking about I’m a bozo,” Yella told Offset. “I don’t give a f**k about none of that s**t.”

Yella continued, “I’m not worried bout no n***a. We can link, get it on, whatever.”

Offset can be heard on the call, saying, “The Gangstas gon beat your a–.”

King Yella captioned his post, “I guess @offsetyrn & @iamcardib mad so now he wanna act tuff on gd y’all got the right guy. N***a callin my phone like I’m h**. #BIGYELLA KEEP EM MAD.”

Yella later posted a video, revealing Cardi B dissed him in a conversation with Billionaire Black.

“Motherf****r falling out over a b***h,” Yella said. “Wanna talk crazy. That’s Folks, b***h. I just talked to Blood. Cardi B all in [Billionaire Black] and all type of s**t, talking about I’m a bozo, I’m a goofy. So f**k both of y’all, so f**k both of y’all. Offset, you screaming this GD s**t, all that GD s**t, well tap in with the GDs. Acting all gangster. I saw real videos. I know real n***s, personally. What they call Quavo in the hood. Yanni.”

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Yella said he’s not ducking Offset in another video message.

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“Aye Offset, I’ma tell you like this,” he said. “I ain’t finna beef with you over no b***h. If we gon beef, make it personal. Let me know it’s personal. It ain’t about no b***h. I’m having fun. I’m laughing at you n****s.

Yella continued. “I ain’t ducking s**t. No what I’m saying. A motherf****r said I ain’t finna beef with you over no b***h. Obviously y’all man, know what I’m saying. I did what I did. If you see me, I’ll catch the fade with whoever. On my mama, we can do whatever.”

Yella doesn’t want his beef with Offset to result in gunplay. He’d much rather get in the gloves.

Yella challenged the “Fight Night” rapper to a boxing match. The SkeezeGang boss wants to Floyd Mayweather to set it up.

Yella wrote in his IG story, “If @offsetyrn really want smoke we can have @floydmayweather set it up.”

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