CashOut063 Calls Slain St. Lawrence Native The ‘King Of Hits’ In ‘Dear BossTrell’ Song

CashOut063 gets personal in perhaps his most telling song to date “Dear BossTrell,” a Tezzmaniadevil production. Cash provides listeners a vivid picture of the street life his slain friend BossTrell lived.

BossTrell, born Rodney Stewart, met his demise Nov. 9, 2012 following injuries he sustained from a gunshot wound to the head. He was 17.

Cash recalls knowing Trell ever since he was a “shorty.” Both associates hail from 63rd street and St. Lawrence in Englewood, Chicago, one of the most impoverished and crime ridden areas in the nation.

Cash used his pen to get some things off of his chest, rapping, “Dear BossTrell, you my broski and I miss you/I can’t wait until the day we meet again/I got a lot of shit to say to you, so I wrote a letter for you/Fucked up, I gotta say it through this pen/I’m just asking that you save a spot for me.”

Cash writes as if he’s holding a conversation with Trell sitting across from him.

“Hey BossTrell, it’s Cash, I hope you’re listening/You been gone for a minute, have to let you know I miss you/Kids still know your name/Number one and number two still in the game/You know they ain’t switching lanes,” he raps.

Cash, a known figure from St. Lawrence, recalls BossTrell helping him survive the streets.

“Can’t forget about what you did for me/When I was thirsty for a stain, you gave the cig to me/Now you gone, I just wished you would’ve live for me,” he raps.

Cash remembers BossTrell as a menacing figure who struck fear in the hearts of “opps.” The “No More Free Cash” rapper regarded Trell as a known hitman, nicknaming him “Max Payne” because he “never missed.”

“My momma still miss you and she think you so innocent/But on the low, I think she knows you was killing shit/It was you that made the hood say (?)/Back to back on them hits blowing through them gates/Now your name ring as the king of hits/I nicknamed you Max Payne cause you never miss/Brodie, you was killing shit/Crime scene Boss Trell when you come around/Catch a opposition from the other side, you blow em down,” he raps.

Cash is currently prepping the release of his sophomore mixtape “No More Free Cash.” The project was to drop Nov. 27, but has since been pushed back.

Give Cashout’s latest single “Dear BossTrell” a listen below

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