Chicago Artist Manupfreddy Drops New Album “1 Of 1” On All Streaming Platforms

Chicago artist Manupfreddy says he is bringing a “whole different sound” to the music scene with his brand new album “1 Of 1.”

Manupfreddy prides himself on recording what he calls a “no-skip album.”

“This is a strictly no-skip album from start to finish,” the Chicago artist said. “It’s also a soundtrack to my life because I speak on a lot of personal issues.”

Manupfreddy’s 11-track project features guest appearances from Doa Beezy, Chicago ko, Icon Faron, Cello, G marco and Devodadon.

Manupfreddy’s “1 Of 1” album is now available on every streaming platform, including Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and Amazon Music, to name a few. Manupfreddy additionally has “1 Of 1” merch for sale.

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