Chicago Blogger ZackTV Shot and Killed


Zack TV was shot and killed last night in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood. Zack, whose real name is Zachary Stoner, was driving his Jeep when another driver pulled alongside his car, and someone inside fired shots.

Zack was shot in the head and neck before he hit a curb and crashed into a light pole, WGN 9 reports.

Zack was taken to Northwestern Hospital in critical condition, where he later died.

A witness recorded footage of the crash’s aftermath. A Chevy Caprice was also involved in the crash.

“Let’s go,” a man can be heard yelling as three people run from the Caprice to the third car, which drives away.

A taxi passes the fleeing car before backing up and stopping at the scene.

Zack gained fame from covering Chicago rappers. Zack’s YouTube channel has more than 175,000 subscribers.

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