Chicago Rapper Lil’ Mouse Premiers ‘Lay Yew Down’ Music Video

One thing critics cannot deny is the young man’s consistency. Lil’ Mouse first gained notoriety after releasing his viral music video “Get Smoked” where he introduced the world to his lyrical content and his famous “money dance.”

Lil’ Mouse has a new video for fans and critics titled “Lay Yew Down.” Everyone can rest assured that his latest track will not make the next “Kidz Bop” album.

“Lay Yew Down” must not be confused with being a bedtime jingle. The 13-year-old rapper wants to let listeners know he’ll put foes in a “permanent” kind of sleep.

“Them choppas will lay yew down/ Them 30 clips will lay yew down,” he raps.

Check out Lil’ Mouse’s latest video below and tell us what you think?

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