Chief Keef Reveals Donald Trump Put The Secret Service On Him

#chiefkeef confirms #donaldtrump sent the secret service after him 😱

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As well all know, Chief Keef has been public enemy number one since his rise to fame. Sosa is now proclaiming to be on the government’s watch list.

Sosa took to social media to reveal President Donald Trump put the secret service on him.

Sosa posted a doctored photo of himself marching with the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. onto IG with a caption, reading, “Last time I was locked up Donald sent secret service after me!”

A fan wrote in Sosa’s comment section, “That’s wild if he really did bro @chieffkeeffsossa Sosa jus run for president.

Sosa replied to the fan, writing, “@tonebenz this really happened. I wouldn’t have captioned it if it didn’t.”

Sosa later posted a video asking Donald not to send secret service after him.

“Donald, don’t send secret service,” he said. “It’s just a pic.”

#chiefkeef tells #donaldtrump to not send #secretservice 😮

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It can’t be proven whether Trump really sent secret service after him, but we do know the city of Chicago has it out for Sosa.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a warrant for Sosa’s arrest in Chicago. Emanuel had Sosa’s “Stop The Violence” concert cancelled in Hammond, IN in July 2015.

The Chicago Police Department let their stance against Sosa be known in a Chicago Sun Times report.

The CPD attributed Chief Keef’s raps about “Lamron” to their efforts in curbing violence and crime in the gang sect, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

They additionally attributed a rise in gang violence between Lamron and Bricksquad to Sosa.

Lamron is Normal spelled backwards. It is a territory between the Dan Ryan Expy. and Halsted Street from 59th to 67th.

“A lot of this spiked with the Lil’ JoJo and Chief Keef stuff,” Nicholas Roti, chief of the department’s Organized Crime Bureau, told the Sun-Times. “They [gangs] started going back and forth with shootings.”

Police began an effort to focus their resources on controlling crime in the Lamron neighborhood.

Police alleged their efforts helped curb the violence as shooting incidents are down.

Leo Schmitz, deputy chief of the Englewood District, told the Sun Times his officers have “made more than 250 felony arrests and more than 900 misdemeanor arrests; recovered more than 80 guns, and impounded more than 250 vehicles” in the Lamron neighborhood.

Police have additionally kept a watchful eye on Chief Keef.

Chief Keef was arrested June 17, 2013 only minutes after leaving a court hearing for a speeding violation. Police nabbed the Sosa on a month-old trespassing charge.

Police allegedly had machine guns drawn on the rapper upon his arrest.

A security guard from the Parkway Gardens housing complex, a stronghold for the Black Disciples, filed a complaint against Keef for being on the property, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Sosa explained to followers via Twitter why he doesn’t go back to visit his O’Block neighborhood.

Twitter user OBGeezy The General @OB_Geezy asked Sosa, “@ChiefKeef Y U Just Ride Pass The Block And Don’t Stop C-- Fem 4 My Bday.”

Keef replied, “Cuz on Odee bro The police said I cant Come outside and If dey see me dey Gone get me everytime No time fad at.”

“But on O Da Feds Watchin me N----- A Kill U If I said I Gave Rappin Up,” he added.

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