Common Talks Four Corner Hustlers Affiliation In Chicago

Chicago is city that is home to many street gangs. Chicago native Common happened to be a member of the Four Corner Hustlers or 4CH.

Common shed light on his affiliation during an interview with The Combat Jack Show.

“It’s an organization in Chicago,” Common said. “A lot of the organizations came from the Black Power movement. It was a branch of what many would call brothers. …It was different groups in that organization within brothers. Four Corner Hustlers were just the dudes that I roll with. They weren’t just only on my side of town. They was on the West Side. They was prominent in the street organizations as far as handling business and getting things taken care of, so that’s who I was affiliated with.”

Common said violence wasn’t as extreme when he was growing up. He and friends, he said, used their fists rather than guns.

“We weren’t trying to remove you from this earth,” the “Nobody’s Smiling” rapper explained. “We was trying to beat you til you couldn’t move, but not remove you from the earth. The fighting was part of becoming a man. I got whooped, sometimes I whooped n*ggas. It was all part of the process of becoming a man.”

Listen to interview below.

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