DaWeirdo Feels Chiraq Ghetto Life Is Hopeless In ‘Black Kenny’ Music Video

“I’m just a nappy head n-gga, but the thoughts count.”
– DaWeirdo

It’s no hope in Chiraq

The character Kenny from South Park exemplifies the lives of a lot of black youths.

The character Kenny is poor. He also happens to die every episode. After he dies, fellow character Kyle screams “You bastards!” His friends then quickly go on to the next scene in the episode.

A poor black Kenny dies periodically in Chiraq and countless other ghettos around the nation. Outrage is expressed momentarily. But the world then moves on to the next.

Chicago artist DaWeirdo feels like Black Kenny. It was this feeling that almost had him losing hope. But that was until the birth of his daughter.

According to Weirdo, even the pastor lost faith.

“The preacher left the Bible home and bought a shotgun,” he raps.

Seconds later in the visual, the viewer may catch the word “Jesus” spray painted on the side of a house.

DaWeirdo continues, rapping, “No hope living where I’m from/People rely on one thing and that’s a dirty gun/It really ain’t no love here, it’s just us and some bums here/A few thugs shooting, so they gangster/Momma praying for me, gotta make it out of here.”

DaWeirdo and his friends’ attire is inspired by South Park’s famed animated characters.

The crew takes it back to the 90s by playing the legendary Sega Genesis. The visual’s setting later takes Daweirdo to a church.

Much credit goes to A Fly Visual visual for capturing the creativity of DaWeirdo’s vision and lyricism.

Pay attention to the message in this visual project below.

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