Did Tupac Shoot Himself in the Groin in 1994 Quad Recording Studios Ambush?

Chuck Philips, an award winning journalist for the Los Angeles Times, reveals Tupac Shakur shot himself in the groin during the infamous 1994 Quad Recording Studios ambush.

Philips spent many years investigating the shooting deaths of Tupac and Biggie. In a blog post on Village Voice, the former journalist, who was fired for citing fraudulent documents in the Tupac/ Biggie piece, reveals details of the Nov. 30, 1994 shooting that sparked the East Cost/ West Coast rivalry.

Philip stated in an article four years ago that Tupac was “shot, punched, kicked and pistol-whipped by unknown assailants as he entered the Quad Recording Studios to which Henchman had invited him.”

Tupac’s attackers, he wrote, were instructed to rough him up, but not kill him.

“The assailants robbed the rapper of at least $40,000 in gold and diamon jewelry, and left him for dead,” he initially wrote in the L.A. Times. “Shakur survived and publicly blamed Henchman for orchestrating the assault.”

Philips learned years after publishing the article that Tupac actually “shot himself, accidentally, in the groin, during the scuffle, with his own gun, attempting to defend himself.”

Pac, he said, “got off only one round” before his assailants continued to pistol whip and stomp him.

“There were no witnesses to the crime, so Pac, they say, used poetic license to dramatize it, transforming the assault into an assassination plot, exaggerating the number of times he was shot, and the severity of his wounds,” he said.

Wow, thoughts???

Read “Tupac Shakur, the Los Angeles Times, and Why I’m Still Unemployed: A Personal History by Chuck Philips” by clicking here.

Watch reenactment of the shooting below.

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