Duke Da Beast Talks Relationship With S. Dot and GDK/BDK Controversy, Says He Would Collaborate With Lil Durk, Lil Herb and Other Chiraq Artists


Duke Da Beast spoke candidly about Chiraq’s burgeoning Hip Hop scene during an interview with ZackTV. Duke said market has the potential to be bigger than all other rival cities. But the music scene, he said, is very much intertwined with the streets.

“That’s the fu sh-t about this sh-t,” Duke said. “The street sh-t is heavy out here. That’s what everybody thrive off. Motherf-ckers ain’t tryna go against that no matter what. Even if got something to do with money.”


Duke said he wouldn’t let street politics get in the way of him conducting music-related business.

“…I’m a businessman,” he continued. “You can’t get nowhere without being no businessman. I try to put business before that, but you never know what the next motherf-cker on. I just stay to myself and f-ck with n-ggas I feel like on the same sh-t I’m on.”

Duke Da Beast set the record straight on his relationship with friend and rhyme partner S. Dot aka Dotarachi.

“That’s my mans,” he said. “He cool. He ain’t never cross me. He ain’t never did sh-t wrong. Me and that man, we cool. Ain’t no animosity between us.”

Duke said if the gang beefs wasn’t as strong as it is in Chicago, he’d collaborate with any artist, including Lil Durk and Lil Herb. He also believes Chiraq Hip Hop would be unstoppable.

“If it wasn’t all this sh-t, I’d f-ck with a lot of motherf-ckers, sh-t. Basically, I’d f-ck with everybody,” he said. “Lil Herb, Durk all them. I don’t discriminate with none of them man. I’m f-cking with everybody. Motherf-ckers a go crazy.

“Come on man. We the hottest,” he continued. “We do this sh-t for real. And this sh-t so real. Ain’t nothing fu about this City.”

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