FBG Duck and Billionaire Black Speak On FBG Founding ‘Clout,’ ‘Gang’ and ‘Bang’

FBG Duck and Billionaire Black linked with Zack TV to discuss the origins of several popular phrases in a recent interview.

Duck told Zack and viewers Dutchie was the originator of “clout.”

“N-ggas be talking bout they came up with ‘clout,’” Duck said. “This ain’t no sneak dissing, this ain’t no nothing. This is we telling you motherf-ckers. I ain’t gon say yo name, but you know who you is. My mans Dutchie came with that clout sh-t. …Folks was locked up. …We ain’t tryna take no n-gga style.”


Dutchie revealed to Zack TV in a previous interview how he founded clout.

“I came home, they was so clouted up in the streets. I was in [Cook County], everything ring,” Dutchie told Zack TV. “Shorty nem going crazy. We Clout Boyz as soon as I get home. Clouted up. Clout Boyz.”

One Trey and Billionaire Black also cosigned a statement made by Young and Dutchie that they founded gang.

“I just wanna add, we have been saying gang,” Trey said.

Billion added: “Gang, that’s real. You can go back 2010. …We been saying that.”

“We started all that gang sh-t,” Young said in a previous Zack TV interview.

Dutchie said their videos from 2012 serve as proof.

“I had to set that straight,” Young continued. “I heard a lot of motherf-ckers saying gang and sh-t. I ain’t gon say nothing. It ain’t none of my business.”

FBG wasn’t done there. Billion went as far as saying he is the originator of Chief Keef’s popular ‘Bang’ phrase.

“To keep it 100, you wanna go real back. Bang, f-ck you talking bout,” he said. “Billionaire been saying ‘bang.’ Go back to ‘Edai, Is U Serious.’ It come on ‘Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang.’”

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