FBG Rappers King Lil’ Jay & Duck Appear On National Geographic’s ‘Drugs, Inc.’

St. Lawrence 063, Chicago’s own Fly Boy Gang appeared on national T.V. to discuss a pressing issue concerning the nation’s drug epidemic.

King Lil’ Jay appeared on National Geographic’s “Drugs, Inc.” to expound upon the rising popularity of pills.

“Some people can’t control themselves with the pills,” the “Unexpected Fame” rapper said. “We know what we’re doing. We know how to control ourselves. That’s why I say, I’m gonna take half, so I won’t be feeling it too much. So if you take half, you feel me. You got to know how to do your drugs if you’re gonna do them.”

Jay described drugs as having the capability of controlling one’s behavior.

“I used to do all type of s---,” he continued. “Beat up everybody at the party, all type of s---. And they used to be right there with me helping me beat everybody.

“…When you’re off the drugs, certain stuff will trigger you and you just go crazy,” he added.”

Jay went on to describe the violence the drug war has created.

“There ain’t nobody fighting no more, so people are going to get guns,” he said. “If somebody come at you with a gun, you’re gonna grab yoru gun and that’s gonna start a war. Somebody’s gonna die and its forever war. Once somebody die, blood whatever, it’s a forever war. Hell yeah, that’s how innocent people get killed.”

Check out King Lil’ Jay & Duck’s appearance on National Geographic’s “Drugs, Inc.”

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