First Lady Michelle Obama Raised In Chief Keef’s O’Block

A slew of newfound celebrities have emerged from a once unknown low-income apartment complex in the Woodlawn area in South Side Chicago. Parkway Gardens, or more famously “O Block,” produced artists Chief Keef, BossTop, Prince Dre and A-1, to name a few.

But another celebrity from O’Block, believe it or not, now resides in the White House. King Drive was once home to First Lady Michelle Obama.

Mrs. Obama opened on up on her past upbringing during an interview with Time Magazine.

Her grandparents, she said, “lived in this housing development called Parkway Gardens. I was actually born there. But I saw it as a wonderful, small apartment building. That’s how I remember it. But now when I pass it, it’s — I was like, God, I never saw that apartment in the way that I’m seeing it now.”

The First Lady later moved with her parents to Euclid Avenue around the age of 2.

Chief Keef’s O Block is reportedly the most dangerous block in Chicago, according to the Chicago Sun Times. The Sun Times cites the 19 victims of gun violence that occurred in Parkway Gardens between June 2011 and June 2014.

The article drew a response from O Block native BossTop via IG.

He posted a screenshot of the story titled “Chicago’s Most Dangerous Block.”

“#IQuitThisShitNotAGame #SomebodySnitching,” he wrote in the caption of a post.

O Block was the name given to Parkway Gardens, a low-income housing complex located on 64th street and King drive in the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side. It was named in honor of 20-year-old Odee Perry who was murdered Aug. 11, 2011 after he suffered multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the neck near the housing project.

O Block is part of the 300 set, which police have kept a watchful eye on.

Chicago Police attributed Chief Keef’s raps about “Lamron” to their efforts in curbing violence and crime in the gang sect, according to the Sun Times.

They additionally attributed a rise in gang violence between Lamron and Bricksquad to Sosa.

Lamron is Normal spelled backwards. It is a territory between the Dan Ryan Expy. and Halsted Street from 59th to 67th.

“A lot of this spiked with the Lil’ JoJo and Chief Keef stuff,” Nicholas Roti, chief of the department’s Organized Crime Bureau, told the Sun-Times. “They [gangs] started going back and forth with shootings.”

In 2012, Chief Keef openly mocked slain Chicago rapper Lil JoJo’s death on Twitter.

Police began an effort to focus their resources on controlling crime in the Lamron neighborhood.

Police alleged their efforts helped curb the violence as shooting incidents are down.

Leo Schmitz, deputy chief of the Englewood District, told the Sun Times his officers have “made more than 250 felony arrests and more than 900 misdemeanor arrests; recovered more than 80 guns, and impounded more than 250 vehicles” in the Lamron neighborhood.

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