Footage of Shooting At Boosie Concert Leaks Online

Footage from the shooting at Boosie’s recent performance at a motorcycle club in Gardena, CA has leaked online. In the drone footage, we see a man in a blue jacket fire his gun before a large crowd disperses.

Two people suffered gunshot wounds during the incident.

Boosie was at a motorcycle club when shots rang out around midnight, TMZ reports. The two victims are expected to survive their injures.

Police “took a report for assault with a deadly weapon.”

Boosie experienced violence in April when gunshots rang out at Virginia Motorsports Park for the 2nd Annual Spring Fest. The violent incident occurred before Boosie took the stage.

#Boosie's Virginia Concert Erupts In Gunfire, Two People Injured ??

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Gunfire sent an estimated crowd of between 10,000 and 12,000 people into a frenzy. Three people were shot during the melee, WHIO reports. The victims are expected to recover.

Boosie was upset with the negative events that occurred, saying he was “pissed off.”

#boosie reacts to shooting at concert

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