Fraternity Members Face Charges in Fish Sauce Hazing Incident

In a hazing incident that has garnered national attention, the Boston Police Department has charged 14 fraternity members with a total of 70 complaints involving five victims, according to a Boston Police Department report.

The charges reportedly include hazing, failure to report hazing and assault & battery. Three suspects will facing additional charges of Keeper of a Disorderly House.

Alpha Epsilon Pi, which is not affiliated with the university, was caught hazing the students at a house on 24 Ashford St. Police reportedly found the young men in a basement shivering after being covered in condiment-type substances.

One of the alleged victims was reportedly crying as police found them. The condiments they were covered in included fish sauce, chili sauce, flour and coffee grinds, the report states.

“It’s serious, it’s troubling and we’re going to investigate it,” said BU spokesman Colin Riley in a statement. “They’ll not only have to deal with Boston University, but if Boston Police charges them with anything, then they’re going to have to face that situation as well.”

The university and the Inter-Fraternity Council have not recognized the fraternity since 1995, IFC President Jimmy Czodli told The Daily Free Press.

“They are in no way, shape or form affiliated with us or the university,” Czodli, a College of Arts and Sciences senior, told The Daily Free Press. “The fraternities that are affiliated with the university do not condone, participate in or tolerate any form of hazing of any kind, especially the extreme nature that was depicted in that police report.”

The suspects’ hearing is scheduled for May 7, 2012 at Brighton District Court.

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