Freddie Gibbs Believes DJ Akademiks Is an Industry Plant Sent By The Feds

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#FreddieGibbs speaking facts? 🤔 #djakademiks

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Freddie Gibbs is not rocking with DJ Akademiks. Gibbs recently suggested a Akademiks is a plant sent by the federal government.

He wrote, “@akademiks don’t say my name unless u talking about music. I think u a industry plant by the feds.�

A fan agreed with Gibbs thought, bringing up the controversial Youtuber’s War In Chiraq channel.

The fan named Savvy wrote on Facebook, “He exploit black people worse than racist whites in the industry. We not forgetting how he hyped up a lot of beef in Chicago a few years back.

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This facts?🤔 #djakademiks #freddiegibbs #chicago

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