G Herbo Released From Jail After Gun Charge Arrest

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G Herbo is out that jam after a week after he was nabbed on weapon charges. Herb’s pregnant fiancé Ariana Fletcher posted a short video of herself kissing the 150 Dream Team boss upon his release. She captioned her video, “Daddy’s home.”

G Herbo and two other men, Deavonte Royal Kimbale, 25, of Compton, CA; and Marchello Walton, 36; of Phenix City, AL, were arrested last Thursday after their limousine driver told police that his passengers had weapons, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Police then did surveillance on the vehicle, and eventually performed a traffic stop in the South Loop neighborhood around 10:30 p.m.

Ther were charged with a felony count of aggravated unlawful use of a loaded weapon in a vehicle without a FOID card.

The CPD released a photo showing the guns that were confiscated during the traffic stop.

Defense Attorney William Laws represented all three men in court last Friday.

“Mr. Kimble is 25 years of age, he does have a local residence,” Laws told the court. “He does have his GED. He is a music producer; he’s been involved in the music industry… A weapon was found under a seat inside the car.”

He added Kimble made no oral statement to police whether he had knowledge of the gun.

Assistant State’s Attorney Lorraine Scaduto reportedly argued Friday that Walton was seen in the front seat when the limousine was stopped. He allegedly had a gym bag with a drawstring that contained a loaded pistol with 21 rounds in the magazine.

“Mr. Walton is 36 years of age, he too is involved in the music industry. He also has an address where he can stay in the city,” Laws said.

Walton, he added, is a graduate of Morehouse College where he majored in education, and he has three children that he supports.

“Never seen touching or handling the weapon,” Laws said.

Scaduto told the court Herb was seen in the rear driver-side passenger seat and officers saw him placing a handgun in the pocket directly in front of him.

She said the gun was a Fabrique National loaded with rounds designed to penetrate body armor. There was one in the chamber and 30 in the magazine, she said.

Laws told the court that Herb raps under name G Herbo, has a fiancée who is 8-months pregnant who he plans to marry in six months.

Herb has no prior felonies, no violent background and has been a lifetime resident of Chicago, he said.

None of the men had firearm owner’s identification cards, prosecutors said. All three were charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.

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