Game’s Manager, Wack 100, Says Stitches Was Scared To Fight In Jail

Stitches is all bark, but no bark, according to Game’s manager Wack 100. Wack told P La Cangri during a call-in radio interview that Stitches was too scared to fight in the county.

“If you look at this dude, he talks real loud,” Wack said. “He put tattoos on his face. You dealing with a dude who really tryna lie to himself and psyche his self out like he’s really bad and really you’re not. When we got to the county jail, he didn’t want it cause the staff was gone let it happen. …I told him I’m a convict. Once I got to the county jail, I’m in convict mode. He didn’t want it.”

The Game’s manager, Wack 100, landed a knock out punch on Stitches that was heard and seen around the world last Saturday. Stitches tried to come for Game outside a Miami Beach nightclub, but probably wished he stayed home that night.

Wack, who was arrested for punching Stitches, took to social media to speak on the incident. Wack told followers he learned his “squabble” skills from his time at nine different prisons. But he also checked Stitches with some real game:

“@stitches you can never be the face of the #305 your what they call a stunt dummy. There’s to many real N*GGAS in the 305 that have done been doing and still doing this sh*t in a real way. Your trying to become a know rapper these streets have different script there’s #LEVELS to this sh*t and you ain’t HIM. You just Know HIM.. Minus the tattoed face and head your just big ole cream that wants people to know who you are ok now they know. You are #KnockoutBait. They stunt you were trying to pull was this show up to the club knowing the Promoter wasn’t going to let you in knowing Miami PD works story every Thursday knowing that the situation can only go so far.. WRONG. You though you were going to get a shouting match ONLY do to the Police presence record it edit then continue with you lil bullsh*t promo show for your Wack as album. You forgot one factor THIS PIRU THANG IS TO BE RUSPECTED. THAT’S WHAT YOU FELT IN THAT HIT WAS THE HEARTBEAT OF THE ALMIGHTY PFUNK. FEEL IT AND RESPECT IT.”

Stitches has taken to social media to proclaim he was sucker punched. But The Game wasn’t going for it.

Game responded to Stitches’ accusations by posting a “Why You Lying” meme onto IG.

The caption on his post read, “@Wack100 Who the f**k did this bruh ??? Peep my dance moves……. Had to repost from my cousin @GMagicBWS…. advice for that boy lip: don’t eat spicy food, as it may burn severely during the healing process… #ThankMeLater more advice: Stop saying ‘N*GGA’ you’re white….& other African American rap crews might take offense & whoop that ass too #P*ssy.”

Stitches issued a fight challenge to Game after getting knocked out.

“Finally out of jail cause that p****y ass n***a had cops all at his show that he was paying off,” Stitches said. “They took me to jail for no motherf*****g reason. And he had his n***a sucker punch me who I ain’t even know was with him. Alright n***a, let’s be honest. I’ll step in the paint with you and yo whole entourage my damn self n***a. Which n***a do you know runs up on 30 n****s by his damn self. If you really about that life, tell me where you is right now n***a and we fight in front of everybody.”

Game posted footage of the fight onto his IG account with a caption, reading, “Night night n***a.” He posted another video laughing at the incident.

“That man Stitches just got his whole mouth busted open in front of the motherf*****g police,” he said in the video.

In his caption, he wrote, “@Stitches need stitches… aye @Wacko100 young boy got a fuckin glass jaw….. Boy was out cold for about 45 seconds after that coldddddd right…. Tried to get up, fell back down……. This yo city ??? Naw… This a Zoe city… Now post a video of that lip so the world can see & don’t wait two weeks to show yo face or give us no old pics…. We ain’t buying it…. ” un huh, okay, wassup, SHUT UP #TrickDaddyVoice #ShowUsYourLipTonite #WellAfterYouWipeTheBloodOff

Stitches was arrested after police found a small amount of marijuana in his white Porsche, according to TMZ. He was also reportedly booked on resisting an officer without violence, marijuana possession, and a couple of outstanding warrants.

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