Hittz and Matti Baybee- ‘Fisherman’ (Prod. Smylez)

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Hittz collabed with one of Chiraq’s youngest spitters, Matti Baybee, for new music. The two Chi Town artists hit the studio to record “Fisherman.” Smylez was behind the production on this one.

Hittz raps, “Know I stay designer’d down/I’m a star, b***h, you can go and look me up/Don’t worry about what’s in my cup/It’s that purple stuff and it slow me up.”

Matti raps, “I can’t take a L, I was built to win/Got yo b***h on my line, I’m a fisherman/Riding around the town, jugging, getting it in/Told that n***a I finessed you, b***h, I ain’t your friend.”

Listen above.

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