Houston Comedian Darnell Jackson Speaks On Black-On-Black Violence Amid Mike Brown Protests

Darnell Jackson, a Houston-based comedian, had strong criticism for the Mike Brown protests. Jackson raised the issue of the lack of activism on Black-on-Black violence in the African American community. He asserts the black community should put as much attention on this grave issue as police brutality.

Jackson says he was a victim of gun violence at the hands of another black person. His injuries, he said, ended his basketball dreams

Jackson detailed his thoughts on the matter in a spirited IG post while showing off his healed gunshot wounds.

“R.I.P Mike Brown, but n-ggas did sh-t to me,” he said. “These n-ggas shot me up. N-ggas did sh-t, I was innocent. I got gunshots everywhere. And this my other leg, n-ggas ain’t sh-t.”

“Talking bout protest #mikebrown n*ggas did this sh-t to me. They shot me and the girl I was with up. We was just walking to the car. Did yall hear about this on the news? Nope and guess what dis killed my mama from stress seeing me f-cked up by N-GGAS!!!! Its not just the cops its these n-ggas we really need to concern about #mikebrown get shot everyday. My basketball dreams crushed. #robinwilliams #niggasbelike #rns #life #facts #hood #hell. I crack jokes to deal with my pain. Y’all don’t have a clue!!! Y’all keep following I’m go be the leader. But I’m [sleep]” the caption of his IG post read.

Jackson called for a riot on black-on-black violence.

“When we gon do a riot on black on black crime,” he said. “Black people never look at themselves in the mirror, man. So our life not mean sh-t unless it’s killed by another cop of another race? Let me ask you something. Why you pack a pistol? It’s not because of the motherf-cking white people, dog. Let’s keep it real, you pack a pistol cause of n-ggas.

“…No racists or cops gon respect our race til we start showing respect to our own sh-t,” he continued. “…A n-gga could’ve killed that boy in broad daylight. Nobody would’ve said sh-t. You know why? Cause snitches get stitches. I’m upset the Mike Brown sh-t happened, too. Look, I’m upset that Mike Brown sh-t happened, too. But what I’m trying you to tell you is the way people react when other people react when other people kill us. We should react the same way when we kill each other. But we don’t do it. People talking bout ‘It’s not about black-on-black crime. It’s bout justice. It’s about seeking justice.’ That cop killed an innocent black man.’ N-gga cops can stop killing black people today and n-ggas still gon be killing n-ggas.”

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