Hurricane Chris Speaks On Parents Who Buy Their Children Every Pair Of Air Jordans

Does he have a point? 🤔 #hurricanechris #michaeljordan #jordans #abaybay

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Hurricane Chris took to social media to issue a message to black folk over the spending of materialistic items, particularly Nike Air Jordans.

Chris said parents should purchase expensive sneakers for their children unless their financially stable.

“If you don’t have a $100,000, $50,000 put up,” he said. “If you not financially stable or financially comfortable, stop buying your kids every pair of f*****g Jordans that come out. All you’re doing is setting them up for failure. You making them think your balling when y’all ain’t balling. In all reality, you in your room stressing about how you gon pay your rent, but you think it’s important your child go to school with some Jordans on cause they cost $150. So people can look at them and judge the parents and say, ‘Hmm, that parent must have some money. They must be doing good.’ That’s bullshit. Let’s impress people by how smart your child is. What he got to mentally. How he present himself. What type of education he got. Jordan don’t give a f**k about us. Let’s stop spending our money on that n***a s**t.”

Does Chris have a point?

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