Journalist Says She Was Raped During LA Trip To Interview Chief Keef; Name-Drops Young Chop

Meaghan Garvey, a freelance journalist, took to Twitter to tell a shocking tale of her rape in Los Angeles while prepping for an interview with Chief Keef and Glo Gang. The Chicago native is a Pitchfork contributor who has had her work featured in The Fader, Noisey, The Village Voice and more.

Garvey urged others to refrain from working with Distrolord A&R Gustavo Guerra and Young Chop. It’s unknown at this point what role Chop had in her sexual assault, but she specifically named Guerra as her rapist.

Guerra, she said, invited her on a trip to Los Angeles to interview Sosa and Glo Gang. She was excited about the opportunity and accepted the job.

Garvey said she was “drunk” when she boarded her flight and later discovered she lost her phone. Guerra, she said, gave her $300 upon landing.

Garvey said she later blacked out after smoking some “Cali weed.” All she could remember was pushing a man off of her.

“…There’s no locks on the doors,” she wrote. “I’m married and he knows my husband. …I wake up totally naked. No clue, no phone, opposite coast. Bro walks in whistling. ‘You wanted me to fuck you.’ Never, but I’m terrified. He says, ‘If your husband finds out, he’ll be so pissed.’ I understand that this is blackmail now.”

Garvey described the next 36 hours as “mental torture” before purchasing an $800 flight back to New York City.

Garvey later deleted her tweets implicating Guerra in her rape because, in her words, she’s not a “narc.”

Garvey described one’s decision to open up on their rape as not only “horrifying” and “brave,” but also a “privilege.”

“Speaking out is not the only form of bravery or even the best one,” she wrote. “Just figuring out how to live your life and be okay is brave too.”

Check out Meaghan Garvey’s tweets in full below:

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