Katt Williams Apologizes To Kevin Hart and Big Tigger

Katt Williams has sparked controversy much controversy as of late as a result of his legal woes and comments made about Kevin Hart.

Katt’s legal troubles are currently pending, but the comedic genius did resolve his issues with Hart during an interview with The Big Tigger Show.

“I should’ve never mention Kevin Hart’s name,” Katt said. “That is the reigning king of comedy if you ask for popular consensus. The fact that he is a black male like me and the fact I attacked him with such vitriol at a time when our country is already divided in every way it can be divided – racially, politically, economically, socially, religiously. The fact that I was on stage pretending to be higher than that would dare stoop down to the same level and embarrass Kevin Hart in front of his children and loved ones after all the hard work he’s done since 2002 is just regrettable on my part. I humbly apologize.”

But Katt wasn’t done there. He has his eyes on a new target- Chris Rock.

“I didn’t make a total mistake,” he said. “I meant to cut the snake, but I meant to cut the head of the snake. My special will no longer be at Philly. It will be in New York at the Barclays where I cut off the head of Chris Rock – Stepin Fetchit coon number one. My special will be called ‘Smaller and Brighter,’ you know like a ‘Bigger and Blacker,’ and I will deal with Chris Rock there in New York.

Check out Katt William’s interview above.

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