Kevin Gates Reacts To Baton Rouge Police Shooting

Three Baton Rouge police officers were killed and three others wounded Sunday in retaliation to the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling.

The suspect, who has been identified as Gavin Long, was shot and killed.

Kevin Gates, who hails from Baton Rouge, offered his thoughts on the incident.

“I’m not against black people. I’m not against white people,” he said. “I stand for what’s right. A bunch of n****s jumping around hooting and hollering ain’t right. But if we gon go to war, let’s go to war cause I’ma go to war for what’s right.”

Kevin Gates recently made controversial remarks slamming the Black Lives Matter movement.

“We kill each other,” Gates explained. “I’m talking about we lay up under each other’s cars, lay behind each other’s houses, the car pass by we wet the whole car up, kill everybody in the car. Then catch ya homeboy, he ran out the car, hit him, stood over him, hit him bout 20 times in the face. We kill each other. But soon as a white boy kill one of us, everybody go to hooting and hollering and all that stupid a– sh*t. When you stand for something, you gotta stand for it all, not halfway. I said it before, I’ma say it again and f**k who don’t like it. You know what’s worse than a n***a? Another one. N****s hate on n****s. N****s steal from n****s. N****s kill n****s.”

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