King Yella Weighs In On Fatal Police Shooting of Unarmed Black Teen Mike Brown

King Yella is weighing in on the tragic shooting death of an unarmed college bound black teenager at the hands of a police officer.

Mike Brown, 17, was killed in a hail of bullets following a confrontation with a police officer. Brown, who was unarmed, allegedly had his arms in surrender as he was gunned down.

Yella called for fellow Chicagoans and others to mobilize against corrupt police officers.

“It’s f-cked up out here. Police out here killing motherf-ckers,” he said. “They wondering why we be wilding out in Chiraq… anywhere in the world. That’s why Chicago like this. Motherf-ckers talking about they supposed to serve and protect. They ain’t protecting sh-t, man. Whole time motherf-ckers got us killing each other when the police, the white man the real opp.”

“…R.I.P. Lil Mike. F-ck the police, man,” he continued. “F-ck all this gang banging sh-t on folks. Motherf-ckers just brought up in this sh-t. At the end of the day, f-ck the cracker. F-ck you white b-tches. Yall ain’t on sh-t. Yall bogus ass hell. Yall shouldn’t even be on the sh-t that yall doing. Yall don’t serve and protect sh-t. Yall out here killing motherf-cking black man.”

The Englewood community in Chicago’s South Side also experienced a situation similar to the city of Ferguson. Warren Robinson, known to friends as Cutthroat Tunchie, was fatally shot by police in early July.

“R.I.P. Lil Tunechi, Lil Cutthroat,” Yella said. “Police just killed lil folks on Chief.”

Robinson’s death came after he hid under a car following a foot chase with police. Police allege Robinson didn’t drop his weapon upon getting out from under the car.

Robinson’s shooting death sparked a tense standoff between Gresham residents and police.

“They shot him over 20 times and his body is still lying in the alley,” Robinson’s mother Georgina Utehdahl told CBS Chicago the day of her son’s death.

“His last words was please don’t kill me,” a witness calming Utehdahl told the CBS Chicago.

Police say they recovered a small .380-caliber semiautomatic handgun at the scene, according to the Tribune.

Utehdahl is denying the police’s claims her son was armed.

“He didn’t have a gun on him,” Utehdahl told ABC 7 Chicago. “I have witnesses that said they seen him running from some other people and the police shot him.”

Robinson’s death is one of many reason’s fueling Yella’s animosity towards the police.

“At the end of the day, f-ck the police,” he said.

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