Kyyngg Disses XXXTentacion Again For Coming At Drake

#kyyngg disses #xxxtentacion again for coming at #drake ? #lookatme #morelife

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Kyyngg is still coming at XXXTenacion’s neck. Kyyngg took to IG once again offer his thought’s on X’s claims of Drake’s stealing his flow.

“Y’all tell that b***h a-- n***a, the p-rno n***a, stop that p****y a-- s**t. Stop acting like a b***h, you hear me? Young Money the hottest s**t, period,” Kyyngg said. “N***a ain’t gotta copy off nothing none these clown a-- n****s doing. New Orleans the sickest. I don’t give a f**k if Drake ain’t from New Orleans. Wayne signed him, he is from New Orleans, so b***h you can’t play with that. P***y a-- n***a. You gotta stop that s**t though bro.

Kyyngg got at X days ago in defense of Drake.

“Y’all go @ this clown a-- dumb a-- guy name XXXp*rntencion. Tell him to stop d*ck-riding people for attention,” he said. “I’m a new n*gga but damn what’s with these other new n*ggas,” said Kyyngg.

#Kyyngg disses #xxxtentacion for coming at #drake

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Kyyngg isn’t alone is his critiques on X.

Migos Offset has had enough of X’s antics. Offset offered his thoughts on X’s post-jail 103.5 interview on IG Live.

“You n****s is silly man. How you ain’t heard of him and n***a talking about he stole yo swag? [Drake] ain’t even heard of you, shawty. Get yo a-- out here and run that s--- up, whatever yo name is. Trippin. Coming out here for the big n****s to take your head off.”

#migos #offset reacts to #xxxtentacion saying #drake bit his flow ? #lookatme #morelife #kmt

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XXXTentacion has been going hard at Drake ever since he was behind bars fighting a case. X is now free, and going even harder at the OVO frontman.

XXXTentacion called out Drake for having a flow similar to “Look At Me.”

“They put his verse on my song and the cadence is just at the same tempo,” X told 103.5. “It’s not off beat at all. He’s not a man. He’s a b***h. That was a b***h move, especially when I was in jail facing life. If Drake would’ve came to my bond hearing, that would’ve made my f*****g day. If he would’ve showed he’s a hospitable person, and that he’ really in this s**t for the culture rather taking my s**t and running off with it and then putting it on his album, then he would’ve got my kudos, my respect.”

XXXTentacion ramped his anti-Drake efforts after making an online pass at the Toronto rapper’s mom.

X wrote, “drake mom kinda cute, she could get it.”

#xxxtentacion wildin, says #drake's mom can get it. Did he go to far? ?

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