Lil Bibby Plans To Attend Virginia Commonwealth University

Lil Bibby has decided on a school to continue his studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, which is located in Richmond, VA. Bibby made the announcement via his IG account.

“I made my mind up, I’m going to college,” e said. “I’m going to VCU.

Bibby said he hopes to begin in the second semester.

Bibby previously had aspirations of attending UCLA or Howard University. He hoped to begin following the release of “Free Crack 3” and the conclusion of his tour.

Radio personality Sway has been in Bibby’s corner the entire time.

Bibby slammed a follower on Twitter who attempted mock his accomplishment.

@Sevenmile_Nook wrote, “Dog lil bibby just now graduating high school get the f**k outta here.”

Bibby shot back, writing, “Ppl never graduate where I’m from. You think it’s funny? F**k n***a.”

Bibby earned his GED in April 2015. Bibby told a VladTV correspondent he plans to go to college to earn his doctorate.

“I’m finna go back to college, too,” Bibby said. “I’m finna get my doctorate.”

Bibby said he is interested in studying either psychology or medicine.

Bibby was encouraged by the Sway In The Morning crew to accomplish that goal. Bibby took to IG and Twitter to show Sway his 4.0 GPA score from his report card.

[email protected] Straight A’s,” he wrote on Twitter.

Sway replied to Bibby, writing, “CONGRATS! Respect. We owe you a party and meal! Proud of u bruh.”

Lil Bibby revealed to Sway and listeners on Sway In The Morning that he dropped out of school his senior year with only a credit to go.

“…I’m from the streets, so it be a whole lot going on, then when you start making that little drug money, you just look at school like ‘I’m wasting my time here,’” he said.

“That school is a waste of time to most young dudes from the streets, you know?”

Bibby revealed during an interview with Ace Almighty he attended King College Prep High School for two years where he earned bad grades.

“I went to King for two years, like my first two years I kinda got like all Fs,” he said. “It was kinda like a crazy environment for me cause it was a mixed environment like white people, Chinese people. I really didn’t fit in. I didn’t know how to associate with different type of people.”

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