Lil Bibby Reveals Why He Ran From Lil Jay

Lil Bibby went on record to give his reasoning for the circumstances that transpired between himself and Lil Jay.

News circulated Wednesday evening that Lil Bibby ran from Lil Jay.

Lil Bibby caused confusion amongst fans when he stated he “spared” Lil Jay’s life.

“@Liljay_UpMext00 I just spared you and you don’t even know it. You ain’t no real n---- fa dis twitter s--- bruh,” he wrote.

Lil Jay replied, “@LilBibby_ Boi yea ok you not on s--- fam I Was Tryna holla at u shorty.”

Things soon took an awkward turn as details revealed by Bibby become more sinister. Bibby goes on to say there may have been a possible hit on Lil Jay.

“@Liljay_UpNext00 that’s the whole thing I know that. I didn’t want bro to know you was down there and it look like a mf set you up.

There is a mystery person in the mix whose name was not revealed. Lil Bibby hints this individual planned to shoot Jay.

“Liljay_UpNext00 same wit him. Bro had his joc on him. I could have just let him do it to you. But That’s y’all beef,” Lil Bibby told Lil Jay.

Lil Jay discredited the mystery man and questioned why Bibby didn’t say anything when he called his name.

“@LilBibby_ U dnt Think I Had it Nd TRUST ME BRO AINT BOUT DHAT.”

“@LilBibby_ You ain’t say s--- g just took off across da street n---- I kept callin yo name,” Jay said.

Bibby went on to reveal there was a shooter in a disclosed location and didn’t want to alert Lil Jay to where he was. Bibby further stated he didn’t want to bring attention to Lil Jay.

“@LilJay_UpNext00 what was it to say? I didn’t want you to know he was up there or him to know you was down there,” he said.

The “Kill S---” rapper also stated he only ran because he didn’t want to get hit by stray shots.

“If y’all believe that ran s--- y’all crazy. That ain’t my opp. Lol @Liljay_UpNext00 you flipped that fa twitter

“I was crossing the street. Was I supposed to walk and get hit? I ain’t even peep you till you got out the car. I though you was a fan nbs,” he wrote.

Lil Jay later downplayed any animosity between himself and Bibby.

“@LilBibby_ yea ok lil g I ain’t NEVA say u was a opp but mf kno how I rock it’s wateva wit me

“ME ND @LilBibby_ NOT INTO IT ‘WE NOT Oppz’ lbs,” he wrote.

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