Lil Bibby Says It’s Too Dangerous For Him To Invite Rap Homies To Roc Block

Lil Bibby describes hoods in Chicago as extremely dangerous. Bibby explained during an interview with Pvnch of ThisIs50 that the hoods in the Chi are way crazier than hoods in other cities.

“I be going through different people neighborhoods to see how they do things and like to compare it to us,” he explained. “It’s like a super big difference. I ain’t been in no neighborhood as crazy as ours. I got homies from T.I. to all my rapper homies be trying to like ‘Man, let’s go out there and kick it.’ I be like, ‘Is you sure?’ Anytime you out there, it can like shoot outs… when I’m out there, people still shoot at us everyday. We get into shootouts almost every other day. I don’t want none of my rapper homies to get into none of that. One of them get shot being with me. I try to keep em out of that.”

Watch Lil Bibby’s interview above.

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