Lil Durk On Music & Chicago Violence: ‘I’m Rapping My Truth’

Critics can bash Chicago rappers for their honesty in Hip Hop, but Lil Durk won’t change his artistry for anyone.

Durk posted a “Stop The Violence” mural to his IG account with a caption, reading, “Don’t blame me for rappin the truth and telling my story about my city #stv.”

Lil Durk has witnessed much violence and lost many loved ones to the streets. These trials and tribulations have been the focal points in his music.

Durk’s lost several friends include Pluto, J Munna and L’A Capone, to name a few.

J Munna, born Jerome Wood, died after suffering a gunshot wound to the head on Labor Day 2013 in the West Woodlawn neighborhood. He was 21.

L’A Capone, whose birth name is Leonard Anderson, was murdered upon leaving a studio session when an unknown assailant fired several shots, striking the “Round Here” rapper in the right thigh and lower back. He was 17.

Durk dedicated his “Times” music video to his deceased friends.

Durk has been vocal on his stance against the violence in his hometown, especially against children.

“We gotta slow da murder rate up in Chicago on da kids n****s b****s,” he wrote on Twitter.

Durk previously expressed outrage at the senseless killing of 6-month-old baby Jonylah Watkins who was murdered upon getting her diaper changed on March 11, 2013.

Lil Durk, a proud father of three, posted a photo of baby Watkins to his IG account along with a passionate rant against violence.

“#repost this s--- crazy Lil N----- go around shooting vans up that all look alike …not knowing its a baby in there …you Lil mfers that thirsty for a name if you really want a name N----- graduate from high school go to college get a degree make something of yourself make your family proud,” he wrote. “…killing babies go against every street code you N----- out here tweaking str8 up for a lol street cred so the guys can call you a shooter ….y’all not savages for shooting a baby you just dumb with no aim #fuckboyz.”

Baby Watkins’ father Jonathan Watkins is alleged to have been the intended target in the shooting.

Jonylah was shot five times in the lung, liver, leg, shoulder, and bowel, The Chicago Tribune reports.

“Ni**as killin kids now smh dats y n----- die #idgaf period,” Lil Durk added on Twitter.

Durk was equally frustrated about the slaying of baby Amierah Roberson.

The Def Jam called for local fans to be on the lookout for missing baby Amierah Roberson upon news of her disappearance Sunday, March 16.

Durk posted a news article about the missing 1-year-old girl to his IG account with a caption, reading, “Be on the look out for her…please be on point sh*t crazy out here.”

But all hope of finding the toddler alive ended after news of the child’s tragic loss.

Baby Amierah Roberson was found dead in a wooded area in south suburban Riverdale, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

News of baby Amierah’s death stuck a chord in Durk who slammed the child’s killer via an IG post.

“Killllllll him when y’all see em don’t call police put 9 in hiss face on my kids,” the father of three wrote.

Amierah was in the care of her mother’s boyfriend when she went missing, according to CBS Chicago. The mother was at work during the child’s disappearance.

Amierah’s death is ruled a homicide as a result of subdural hematoma and closed head injuries due to an assault, the Cook County medical examiner’s officer told the Chicago Tribune.

Lil Durk, a proud father of three, has plans to move his family out of Chicago. Durk spoke with Thomas Morton of Noisey in the “Chiraq” documentary to express his growing concern of violence plaguing his hometown.

“I’m gonna move to L.A., man. Move my kids out this s**t. Now I got kids. I’ma get them out of here,” he said. “As long as they safe and they good. They ain’t gotta worry about watching their backs where they at.”

But Durk also Chicago’s violence shouldn’t be blamed on the music. He expressed dissatisfaction with the media and Chicago Police Department for continuously pinning the blame on his music for the Windy City’s violence.

“Every time somebody get killed or something, they say it’s cause our music,” he said. “I know it’s way deeper than that. They don’t want us doing nothing good for ourselves. If something happen and it ain’t got nothing to do with us, they’ll say ‘Oh, it was yall. Yall show is cancelled.’”

“Yall cancelling shows. F**k yall cancelling shows for? That’s letting them know what’s going on, too,” he added.

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