Lil’ Durk Questioned On Lil’ JoJo Murder and Performs ‘L’s Anthem’ On ‘Sway In The Morning’ Show

“Sway In The Morning” radio host Sway covered a touchy topic during a segment with up and coming Chicago artist Lil’ Durk.

Sway covered a variety of topics with the Def Jam artist, but the conversation took an awkward turn after Sway uttered slain Chicago emcee Lil’ JoJo’s name during the interview.

Lil’ Durk was embroiled in a growing beef with the Bricksquad rapper before he was violently gunned down Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012.

Lil’ JoJo dissed Lil’ Durk in the songs “I Got That Sack” and “3HunnaK.”

Sway wanted Durk to describe the gang activity in Chicago, asking, “Do they still do the gang thing in Chicago? Like Chicago is gang central.”

“Do OTF do the hat thing?” Sway asked. “Like if you wear the hat to one side it means you represent one movement or gang and then if you wear it to another side, you get killed for that, right?”

Lil’ Durk replied, “That’s how they do it. You get killed over Twitter now a days.”

Durk’s answer disturbed Sway, which prompted him to ask the OTF rapper, “Do you like living in this condition? You’re young, you’re 20. Raising a son.”

Durk replied, “I don’t really like being in the condition, but at the same time, that’s where all my thoughts come from. By living in Chicago, it give me a good state of mind what I need to talk about. Like the real rap. I’ma change everything when I get bigger and bigger… I can’t do that right now.”

Following Durk’s response, Sway hesitantly mentioned Lil’ JoJo’s name, but shied away from pressing the issue.

“Lil JoJo was killed, right? I’m not going to get into that. But a lot of that got triggered through Twitter, right?” Sway asked.

“Yeah, I think so,” Durk replied, keeping his response short.

Sway later had Lil’ Durk perform his singles “L’s Anthem” and “Dis Ain’t What You Want.”

Little does Sway know, “L’s Anthem” actually takes aim at Lil’ JoJo’s Gangster Disciple sect.

“Bricksquad, I say fuck ’em/Wuga World wit ’em, so fuck ’em,” Durk raps.

Check out Lil’ Durk’s “Sway In The Morning” radio interview below

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